'Gotham' EP Teases "Emotional" Exchange Between Penguin and Riddler

Despite the incredible amount of love that fans have for the relationship, Gotham has kept Oswald [...]

Despite the incredible amount of love that fans have for the relationship, Gotham has kept Oswald Cobblepot and Ed Nygma separate for the majority of this final season so far. Save for one (incredibly powerful) scene a couple of weeks ago, the best frenemies have not shared the screen. Fortunately, that's going to change over the coming episodes, and things are likely going to get very emotional.

Showrunner and EP John Stephens spoke with TV Line recently about what's to come with the final batch of episodes in the series, specifically regarding the future of Riddler and Penguin's ever-entangled story. The producer revealed that, not only will the find their way back to one another, but the duo will find a way to re-forge their friendship one last time.

"We worked to bring them back together in a different way, where they have to get past a certain level of betrayal in order to fuse their friendship again," Stephens said. "But why are they doing that for the umpteenth time, unless there's something new in it? So what we have happen is an episode where it feels like Ed actually cleaves through to the heart of what makes Penguin 'Penguin' and own that as a friend would really own that. It's a really emotional moment when that happens."

During an interview with ComicBook.com just a couple of weeks ago, Stephens also touched on the topic of Ed and Oswald's future, teasing how the mind control subplot surrounding Nygma affected their relationship.

"So much of it just because Cory [Michael Smith] is such a wonderful actor, you can throw him anything and he always does something interesting with it," Stephens told us. "So we're always trying to give him more and more and more to do with it. Like just as we do with Robin [Lord Taylor]. But as well, with him, we wanted to do something which felt like it would break him open a bit as a character. Where the Riddler is frequently such a ... For lack of a better term, not a magician, but he's cold in his speaking some of the time."

What do you think the future has in store for Penguin and Riddler as Gotham comes to a close? Let us know your best theories in the comments below!

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