'Gotham' Recap With Spoilers - 'Stop Hitting Yourself'

Riddler is dressed up like Penguin and riling up the crowd at the Narrows fight club. He's making [...]

Riddler is dressed up like Penguin and riling up the crowd at the Narrows fight club. He's making fun of his former partner, the people start chanting for Grundy. Solomon enters and pretends to fight with him. Grundy's challenger enters the ring while Riddler and Lee go off to talk about their deal. It's obvious they aren't happy with one another. In the ring, Grundy starts to get hit in the head, causing him to remember Tabitha, back from when he was Butch. Grundy then rips the man's arm off and beats him to death with it.

The Mayor of Gotham offers Gordon the position of GCPD Captain, saying that Harvey is now a disgrace. Jim is going to consider it.

Barbara and the girls are talking with Penguin about a new crime agreement. They're arguing when Penguin's lawyer enters to tell everyone about Nygma's act as Penguin in the Narrows. Penguin freaks out and kills one of his men, and he asks the three women to go to the Narrows and get Nygma. When the trio leaves, Penguin orders Firefly to follow them and burn them alive if they don't do what he asked.

Selina, Barbara and Tabitha walk down the street, talking strategy. When they arrive, they're surprised by the stupidity of Nygma's act. Tabitha is surprised when Grundy climbs onto the stage, as she remembers Butch. Tabitha goes to see Butch, while Barbara notices Lee in the distance.

Harvey Bullock is at the station looking at the bullets that came from Pyg's trap. Jim keeps Harvey from getting down and blaming himself.

At the orphanage, Penguin is complaining about Nygma to Sofia and she's not really interested. She tells him that he needs to relax and that he needed an interest outside of his business to pour himself into when he was stressed. Outside, Penguin sees a young boy being picked on. He then watches as the boy is about to get payback by lighting the bookbags of the mean kids on fire. Penguin stops him, and the boy draws a picture of a fire.

In the Narrows, Tabitha finds Grundy and hugs him, but he doesn't seem to know who she is. Barbara and Lee find one another and Lee hits Barbara with her gun. The two then talk about what they've been up to and Barbara rags on Lee's recent choices. When asked about Jim, Lee replies, "Jim Who?" Selina finds Nygma off in a room and knocks him so the women can take him back to Penguin.

Sofia and Jim talk about Gordon's promotion and she says that Penguin has nothing to do with it. He figures out that she's the one who put them up to it. He says he won't take the job like this, and not at Harvey's expense. She says Harvey is weak and Jim is the kind of man Gotham needs.

At the orphanage, Penguin teaches the young boy about how to properly get revenge. The boy can't speak, so he draws terrifying pictures for Penguin. He also writes words to explain to Penguin that his bullies are bad at math, so they come up with a plan to get them back. Martin (The young boy) lets another girl copy him on a test, and the bully sees. Then, on the playground, he gives himself a wedgie and makes it look like he was picked on. This gets the older girl to defend him and start a fight with the bully. Penguin tells the boy to shun friendship, and the two are conspirators, not friends.

Barbara searches the fight club for Nygma and finds him tied up with Selina. Meanwhile, Tabitha tries to get Grundy to remember who they were. Barbara arrives with Nygma tied up and he threatens to kill Barbara. Lee arrives and everyone starts to fight. Selina says they should settle it in the ring, and the winner takes Nygma.

Nygma opens the ring with a show once again and pits Grundy against Tabitha. Tab says that Butch is still in there and she's sure that he won't hurt her. When the fight begins, Cherry reveals to Lee that the fight doesn't matter, because she's going to turn Nygma over to Penguin anyway. Butch starts to hurt Tabitha until she knocks back out with a weapon. Dazed, he starts to remember a little more about her. Just before she knocks him out, he says her name.

Jim is at a bar, waiting for Harvey to give the bullets to the cops that were shot with them. He doesn't show, and the bartender gives him a box with those bullets, saying that Harvey claimed he would know what to do with it. Harvey basically handed Jim the Captain's job, and Jim proceeds with the bullet ceremony.

Back at the ring, Tabitha is trying to wake Grundy up and the people are starting to get rowdy. Just as they try to escape, Firefly shows up and says that the women failed. She's going to fry them.

Nygma tries to wake Grundy up as the crowd cries out. Grundy is clearly terrified of the flames. Firefly is about to burn the entire place to the ground. She then takes things into her own hands, shooting Firefly's equipment and telling the people that Cherry sold them out to Penguin. Barbara then shoots Cherry in the head. Barbara then announces that she's done working for Penguin and the crowd cheers. Nygma tells Grundy that he's safe from Firefly, and the three woman leave the club.

Harvey is drinking alone in his office when Jim shows up to ask where he's been. The two share a drink. Harvey is broken about what he did and says that he couldn't do the job today. Jim says that's not good enough and Harvey keeps drinking. Jim then asks Harvey if he's got a pen and he signs the captain's offer. He relieves Harvey of his duties and takes over as captain. Harvey says that nothing in Gotham is free, and he doesn't believe Jim got the job without getting dirty. He leaves and says, "you better pay up when your bill's due."

Penguin is back at the orphanage showing Martin how to stab people, just like he does. Sofia and the Lawyer enter and the lawyer tells him about what happened at the club. He then tells Penguin that the Mayor chose to promote Jim Gordon to Captain. Sofia does her best to calm him down before she leaves. Penguin knows that something is up with Sofia and he tells Martin of his concerns.

In the Narrows, Lee examines Grundy in the middle of the ring. Nygma says that the people of the Narrows now look at Lee as their new leader. She accepts her role by telling everyone that drinks are on the house.

Jim is waiting for Sofia at her house. He says that he's not her puppet, and he doesn't like that she made him captain. She says that they're partners. He says he doesn't need her help anymore and asks her to leave Gotham. She says she's staying and heads inside. Jim leaves and the gate closes behind him.