'Gotham's Alfred Wants a Role on 'Pennyworth'

While Alfred Pennyworth has long been known as the frail, old butler of Bruce Wayne, Sean Pertwee's version of the character on Gotham has changed that appearance over the last five years. His iteration of Alfred is younger, wittier, and much stronger than the previous iterations, helping viewers that Alfred was pretty awesome in his earlier years.

Of course, this notion has led to Gotham producers Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon to create a new series that focuses on an even younger version of Alfred, an original Epix series called Pennyworth. This will take Alfred back to his 20s, when he was fresh out of the British military, and he first begins working with Thomas Wayne. As of Monday morning, actor Jack Bannon was cast in the role.

Despite being too old to portray the new Alfred, Pertwee still wants in on the new series.

During a recent visit to the set of Gotham's fifth and final season, ComicBook.com asked Pertwee his thoughts about the Pennyworth series, and he was all about the idea.

"I'm very excited, you know, I'm honored that the fact that I've, I can say this narcissistically that I've piqued people's interest enough to prove to them to be worthy of having his own spinoff show," Pertwee told us. "It's ironic that I'm a sort of younger version of The Dark Knight's [Alfred], of Michael Cain, and they're going younger still. I want to be in it in some capacity, but we'll wait and see. So, if you see Daniel [Cannon] or Bruno [Heller] have a word."

Since Pertwee helped to reinvent the character with his time on Gotham, he wants to continue to help Alfred look awesome on screen. He could certainly do that if there were a supporting role available in the new series, right?

After working with Heller and Cannon for the last few years, it wouldn't be surprising if Pertwee were to land some sort of role on Pennyworth, especially with Gotham set to end next year.


Would you want to see Sean Pertwee appear on Pennyworth? Which version of Alfred has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments!

Pennyworth is set to premiere on Epix in 2019.