'Gotham' Star Promises "Action-Packed" Final Season

Gotham may be coming to an end in 2019, but FOX's Batman prequel series isn't going away quietly. In fact, according to the show's leading man, the best is set to come.

During production on Gotham's fifth and final season, ComicBook.com had the chance to swing by the set in New York City and see what's the series has in store. Of course, it wouldn't be a set visit without talking to Bruce Wayne himself, David Mazouz, who told us that Gotham will be moving faster than ever when it returns.

"Crazy. Yeah. It does, it does ramp up, because you know we kind of fit the meat of 22 episodes into 10 and so you'll see the episodes are crazy action-packed," Mazouz told us. "Like you know it's kind of sad because I always found these to be kind of sweet moments, but we kind of have slimmed down on the scenes, the kind of more quiet scenes between two characters talking about the events of the episode, Sean and I had a lot of those in the kitchen or in the study. Kind of haven't had a lot of those because every second is just filled with action, plot moving the story along, getting the characters where they need to go and I think it will be exhilarating as a viewer to watch. I can't put any of the scripts down."

As Mazouz points out, this season will contain less than half the episodes of the previous installments. Instead of the typical 22 episodes, Season 5 only contains 10. With a lot of story left to tell, the story needs to seriously increase its pace to make sure everything gets included.


While it might be disappointing for fans to only see another 10 episodes, it sounds as though they will be filled with non-stop action. No filler episodes will surely make for an epic conclusion to a series we've all come to love.

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