'Gotham': Selina's Transformation Into Catwoman Finally Begins

Ever since Gotham first debuted five years ago, we've all known that Camren Bicondova's Selina [...]

Ever since Gotham first debuted five years ago, we've all known that Camren Bicondova's Selina Kyle was going to eventually become Catwoman. The show has hinted a little more at this transformation over the last couple of seasons, giving her a whip and intensifying her love story with Bruce, but none of that compares to this latest twist. During Thursday night's new episode of Gotham, Selina took her biggest step toward Catwoman by far, and there's no turning back from this one.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Gotham! Continue reading at your own risk...

gotham selina catwoman eyes
(Photo: FOX)

At the end of Season 4, Selina was shot by Jeremiah Valeska, and the bullet make some tragic contact with her spine. Even after an emergency surgery this season, the doctors believed it was unlikely Selina would ever walk again. Knowing that life as she knew it was likely over, Selina attempted to take her own life in the Season 5 premiere. Bruce knew he had to do something and, as a result of his actions, he helped create one of his biggest rivals.

Bruce was told that there was a witch that would have the answers he needed to help Selina. As we learned in Thursday's episode, that witch was none other than Ivy. She might not have wanted to, but Ivy helped Bruce by giving him some sort of seed that possessed magical powers. She told him that whoever ate the seed would have their wounds healed, but they would be changed internally forever, that their "darkest angels" would be set free.

Of course, Bruce had his doubts about the whole thing but Selina didn't care. She ate the seed and began seizing shortly after. However, once the seizing died down, Selina stabilized and she was somehow able to walk again. But that's when things got seriously interesting.

Bruce hugs Selina, happy that she can walk again. When he does this, she looks up at the moon and her eyes turn bright green, looking just like a cat. She also says she's "better even than before." There's no telling what that could mean, but her calm delivery made it sound ominous. Selina is no longer the girl grew up causing trouble in Gotham City's alleyways. Her inner demons have been released, which means Catwoman is finally on the way.