Harley Quinn Teases Big Announcement With New Art and the Court of Owls

There's a big announcement coming for the Harley Quinn animated series, most likely tied to when Season 3 will drop on HBO Max. Writer/producer Patrick Schumacker shared the news that a big Harley Quinn announcement is coming on Tuesday, June 28th, along with new artwork that features the Batman villains The Court of Owls. HBO Max revealed Season 3 of Harley Quinn arrives on the streaming service in July, though an exact premiere date wasn't announced. Since the time Harley Quinn Season 2 ended the show has moved from its previous home on DC Universe – now a fully-fledged comic book reading app called DC Universe Infinite – to HBO Max. The new artwork gives a hint at what's in store when the fan-favorite animated series debuts on the Warner Bros. Discovery streamer.

Patrick Schumacker shared an image of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy attending what looks like a meeting of the Court of Owls on Twitter with the caption, "BEWARE… a special #Harlivy announcement drops TOMORROW! And it's a real HOOT!" Other Court of Owls members are standing with Harley and Ivy, donning the group's signature masks with red robes. The official Harley Quinn Twitter account followed that post up with one of its own while continuing to tease the big announcement for tomorrow.

The third season of Harley Quinn isn't the only place fans will get to see the Court of Owls. The upcoming video game Gotham Knights will also have the Court of Owls as the main antagonists for heroes Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood, who are tasked with defending Gotham City after Bruce Wayne's death.

Harley Quinn showrunners Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern previously told ComicBook.com that Season 3 has the potential to cover a lot of things, including Harley and Ivy's budding relationship.

"I definitely think we are going to see Gordon grapple with his, how should I say it, his low approval in Gotham city and the low approval of the police department in Gotham city," Halpern said. "I think we're going to see... we're going to dive a little more into Ivy's life and then history. Origins. I think we're going to do that. I think those are really the only two things we've really kind of hit on so far in our preliminary discussions that were like, 'Yes, definitely want to do those things'"

He continued, "I know we don't want to do a 'Are they going to break up, or are they not going to break up?' thing. I don't think we want this to be the stakes of the season. I think we want to see... I mean, there'll be obviously be conflict and tensions between the two of them when certain things go wrong. But I don't think we want that to be... we spent two years playing that, or two seasons, I don't think we want to do that for a third season. So that's what we don't want to do."

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