Henry Cavill Uses The Force While Superman Training

(Photo: Zack Snyder / Twitter)

Henry Cavill is back at full strength training for Justice League, because despite appearances he's not actually Superman. During Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice production, Zack Snyder tweeted out an image of Cavill, with a robe over his Superman costume, holding a (suspiciously red) lightsaber.

Well, it looks like Cavill took the Jedi thing pretty seriously. In a post on his personal instagram, Cavill shared a picture of a heavy barbell floating in front of him while he looked down upon it.

"When Superman training, use your mind, you must," he wrote, including the hashtages "#Yoda #UseTheForce #SupermanTraining."

When Superman training, use your mind, you must. #Yoda #UseTheForce #SupermanTraining #JusticeLeague #Superman

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He's having a little fun with a conveniently shot still, of course. But really, for many fans, an excuse to see Cavill working out is worth any goofy little post.


Justice League: Part One is filming now for a November 17, 2017 release.