New Line of Illustrated DC Steelbooks Features Artwork by Jim Lee

Best Buy has just launched some very cool illustrated Blu-ray steelbooks for Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that feature artwork by the legendary Jim Lee.

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(Photo: Best Buy)

Ordinarily, I would say that it's tough to justify buying these movies twice, but these look spectacular. You can pre-order the Man of Steel version here and the Batman v Superman version here while supplies last. Shipment is slated for October 31st. If you don't already own these films, you should definitely consider these versions unless 4K is a top priority.


I should also point out that an illustrated version of Suicide Squad exists, but let's just say that it doesn't quite stir up the same level of excitement as the other two. Still, it begs the question: will these illustrated editions continue for other DC releases? Needless to say, Wonder Woman and Justice League editions would be very intriguing. I only wish that 4K options were available.