iZombie Recap With Spoilers: Dinner Turns Deadly in "Filleted to Rest"

iZombie's fifth and final season is now at its midpoint, and it's safe to say that things are [...]

iZombie's fifth and final season is now at its midpoint, and it's safe to say that things are getting pretty intense. Read on to find out all of the surprises and plot twists in this week's episode, "Filleted to Death".

Obviously, spoilers for this week's episode of iZombie, "Filleted to Death", below! Only look if you want to know!

Liv and Ravi inspect a murder of Eleanor, a head chef at a fancy restaurant, who was suffocated to death. The owner reveals that Eleanor wasn't incredibly well-liked. Liv cooks and eats her brain.

Ravi later discovers that Eleanor was concussed before she was suffocated. Clive tries to get used to his job as Lieutenant, which is complicated by Michelle being brought in to fill his Detective job. Clive and Liv interview Jerry, a dishwasher at the restaurant, who heard Eleanor arguing with Herb, a head waiter. He also reveals that someone stole the restaurant's brain supply, which was worth over $10,000.

They then interview Herb, who accuses the "brain chef" of potentially committing the murder. Liv determines that a pork loin, which Herb says was thawing out the night of murder, could've been the murder weapon. While they try to investigate, Clive gets a call that Michelle was injured while investigating a case. He visits her in the hospital, and learns that Michelle listed him as the father of her baby. She argues that he's probably not the true father of her baby, but she considers him to be the most reliable person in her life.

While at the hospital, Liv is approached by her mother. Liv reveals that Eva hasn't returned her calls or letters for years, which Eva blames on leaving Evan to die. Liv explains that at the time, she didn't want to turn her brother into a zombie, and that she doesn't want her forgiveness anymore. Eva then reveals to Liv that her real father - who she never knew - was a junkie named Martin Roberts, who is now homeless.

Later, while organizing the Renegade operation, Liv grows frustrated.

Liv and Clive then interview the zombie chef, who reveals that the restaurant has top-tier brains frozen and brought to them. Liv gets triggered into a vision, of Eleanor catching an employee named Darren stealing brains. They interview Darren, who is incapacitated in the hospital and has a surprisingly-specific alibi.

Liv figures out that Jerry has been hiding the fact that he was a zombie, and that he's been stealing - and eating - brains from the restaurant. He reveals that Eleanor knew he was a zombie and threatened to out him to his parents, which motivated him to kill her.

Liv cooks dinner for herself, Major, and the rest of the zombie kids.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Ravi talks on Skype with the CDC, who are upset that he hid the Froehlich syndrome cure from him. Charlie asks for Ravi's help with something -- tracking down her twin sister, Lyla, who was locked inside Seattle's walls. Lyla refuses to listen to Charlie, who wanted to reconnect with Lyla because their mom has Alzheimer's. Charlie and Ravi are eventually able to get through to Lyla, and the sisters agree to have a weekly Skype date. With the help of Renegade, Lyla then escapes Seattle to visit Charlie.
  • A slew of Filmore Graves soldiers are ambushed and killed, while a soldier named Peters is reported missing. Justin suspects Dead-Enders are behind it. When Major returns home, he's confronted by Peters, who says that Justin was the mole who carried out the take. Major fakes that Peters has a bunch of injuries, as a way to catch Justin in the act of sabotage. Justin tries to fight back, and Major ultimately kills him in self defense.
  • Major meets with Sloane Mills, in an attempt at convincing her General father to help improve Seattle's relationship with the US government. She later gets kidnapped.
  • Sheriff Lambert is revealed to be a member of the zombie resistance -- which is led by Martin Roberts, Liv's biological father.


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