James Carpinello Joins Gotham Season 3 as Mario Falcone

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

There's a new mobster in town in Gotham Season 3, as James Carpinello (Person of Interest, The Good Wife) has been cast as Mario Falcone, son of Carmine. He'll be a recurring character on season 3 of the DC TV series, coming in to add a new mix to the romantic landscape of Gotham City, TVLine reports.

On the show, Mario has moved on from the family business, now an ER doctor who is "kind, honest, and trustworthy," all things that make him clash with the rest of the Falcone crime family. In the official character description, it also says that Mario has his sights set on Leslie "Lee" Thompkins (Morena Baccarin).

If it seems like an odd time to throw in a love triangle, then you've been paying attention. Toward the end of Gotham season 2, Lee left town, very pregnant with Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie)'s baby. At the very end, having seemingly defeated Hugo Strange and his insane plan (not knowing the Court of Owls was really behind it all), Jim left town to go find her and win her back. You would think Lee being either pregnant or having very recently had the baby of another man would deter most "kind, honest, trustworthy" guys, but here we are.

Carpinello joins Jamie Chung as Valerie Vale and Maggie Geha as the new Poison Ivy as recurring guest stars on the series.


Gotham returns for season three Monday, September 19 at 8pm.