Jason Momoa And Amber Heard To Appear On DC Comics Cover

It's very clear that the DCEU versions of Aquaman and Mera would look very different than the classic iterations of the characters. Even when the news of Jason Momoa being cast as the King Of Atlantis was first released, no one could imagine him playing the stereotypical Aquaman.

That being said, images of both actors in their costumes have been released, and fans are really digging the new style. While some audience members have their complaints about the DC movies, everyone seems to be excited for the new-look couple.

To show that they are all-about this style, DC Comics will feature the oceanic couple on the cover of one of their new issues. The characters that will be depicted on the front are based on Momoa and Heard, not on the original characters.

The issue in question is Teen Titans GO! #20, which will come out around Valentine's Day 2017. Ths cover features many of the popular couples from DC lore, but Aquaman and Mera are one of the only ones from the films.

In the bottom left, the DCEU versions of Joker and Harley Quinn can also be seen. The modern iteration, played by Jared Leto and Margot Robbie, has become a signature look for the characters. While some fans are still undecided about Leto's Joker, they can all agree that Robbie's Harley Quinn was a very faithful adaptation.


The other couple movie fans may recognize is the Batman and Catwoman characters that seem to be taken from The Dark Knight Trilogy. While that isn't confirmed, their styles bare a stark resemblance to the Christian Bale/Anne Hathaway versions.

This is the first time Momoa's Aquaman will be featured in DC comics, but we're hoping it's not the last.

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