Joe Manganiello Starts Research For Deathstroke Role In Batman Movie

Let the hype begin! Joe Manganiello stirred headlines when news broke that the actor was playing [...]

Let the hype begin! Joe Manganiello stirred headlines when news broke that the actor was playing Deathstroke in the DC Extended Universe. Fanboys (and girls) took to the Internet to praise the casting decision, and now, Joe is telling fans how seriously he's taking the character. The actor just posted a photo to Twitter to show how he's researching the iconic role.

Not long ago, Joe shared a photo through social media that features some swanky DC Comics swag. The actor posted a picture of his new Deathstroke merch and teased fans it was for "research." The pile of goodies houses several Funko POP! toys along with a an Arkham Origins collectors figurine. Fans can also spot an orange-and-blue LEGO figure sitting above a trade paperback of Batman.

Fans first learned that Joe would be playing the DC Comics assassin earlier this summer. The reveal happened shortly after Ben Affleck uploaded test footage of Deathstroke for his upcoming Batman flick. Naturally, fans freaked out, and The Wall Street Journal was quick to confirm that Joe had nabbed the coveted role.

So far, fans know that Deathstroke will act as one of biggest baddies in Batman. The two characters have butted heads for awhile now in the DC Universe. Most recently, fans have seen the duo throw down in the Batman: Arkham video games. As such, fans are speculating the solo Batman film might be based off the bestselling games. Of course, there are plenty of other storylines Warner Bros. could take with the movie, but the studio has hinted the project will feature lots of villains.'s Kofi Outlaw posted an article and laid out how the DCEU could do the character justice in future films.

"Deathstroke is definitely a character that would be a believable adversary for the Justice League," Kofi stressed.

"It is not just about strength or combat skill: like Batman, Deathstroke is a man who does his research and comes prepared for the job. So Kryptonite weaponry, a high speed motion detector, waterproof napalm, an EMP scrambler, etc. He's coming prepared with it, and the Justice League members would have a fight on their hands."

He went on to explain that Deathstroke might be seen as a rival assassin or even an unruly ally. "With upcoming films like the Batman solo movie or Suicide Squad all providing more room for an expanded take on Slade Wilson, having him positioned as that guy who truly lives in the gray area would be a lot more interesting than having him simply serve as masked muscle who pops up now and again like some DCEU Jason Vorhees."

The Batman solo feature isn't expected to hit theaters before 2018. As for Justice League, it hits theaters on November 16th, 2017.

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