John Ostrander Loved The Suicide Squad Movie

during the movie. After attending the premiere of the film in New York, Ostrander took to [...]

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The Suicide Squad film owes a lot to comic book writer John Ostrander - and they know it. The writer co-created Amanda Waller, and helped revive a long-lost Silver Age concept, modernizing the team of Task Force X aka the Suicide Squad into something very similar to what made it onto the big screen in the movie. A story he wrote featuring Enchantress was even used as the primary inspiration for the movie's plot.

In addition to being thanked in the end credits alongside other comic book creators who have worked on or helped create the DC Comics characters featured in the film, Ostrander is memorialized within the celluloid with a building named after him (and the name very clearly seen) during the movie. After attending the premiere of the film in New York, Ostrander took to facebook to post his opinion. It was short and sweet, but made his point:

"Hi all. I'm back. Short form -- I had a wonderful time and i loved the film," he wrote.

He hasn't given any more details, but a positive review of any kind from the legendary writer means a lot to fans of these characters.

Other creators like Jimmy Palmiotti, one half of the writing team with Amanda Conner that work on Harley Quinn currently have been slightly more wordy in their review, but no less full of praise for the film.

"The best part of Suicide Squad were all the awesome characters. So much fun. Deadshot and Harley stole the show," Palmiotti tweeted. He's also offered up larger reviews on facebook, and has retweeted several positive reviews of the film.

Suicide Squad is in theaters now - and is Ostrander-approved.

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