Jared Leto Looking Forward to New Actors Playing Joker

Jared Leto is reprising the role of Joker which he played for Suicide Squad (a role which was [...]

Jared Leto is reprising the role of Joker which he played for Suicide Squad (a role which was bigger in David Ayer's original and unreleased version of DC Comics film) for Zack Snyder's Justice League. It is unclear whether or not he will be playing the most iconic villain in comics history beyond the 4-hour epic. Since the time when Leto was cast, Joaquin Phoenix has starred in a Joker film and Matt Reeves has begun launching his own fresh Batman trilogy with a brand new cast (one which feels as though it will inevitably feature another Joker). Knowing that the character will be recast and portrayed countless times throughout the future, Leto shared his excitement to see what comes to the big screen for Joker.

"I think in the next 10 or 20 years we're gonna keep seeing these amazing interpretations and so many different people get to steep in those shows," Leto told Deadline. "These Marvel, DC, yeah, they're popcorn movies but sometimes they're a little bit more. Sometimes they start to reflect who and what we're all about in our times. Sometimes they're Shakespearean. It's quite amazing that these characters were written 50, 60, 7o years ago and we're still obsessed with them."

Leto is no stranger to these big franchise movies (with a Tron sequel on the way), especially comic book roles. Not only has he portrayed the Joker for DC's big screen world but he will soon be known well as Morbius when Sony's Marvel movie hits theaters in January of 2022. "It's a pressure cooker," Leto said of Marvel movies while talking to Variety. "You have a clock ticking. They're expensive films. And so, all of the decisions and the time to make those decision are a little bit more heated and so it can be a little more stressful. I think it's more common with these big movies, you don't really start with a gem of a script."

Whether or not Leto reprises the Joker in the future, there will certainly be no shortage of Joker content. Still, fans of his work as the character will likely continue longing for the release of Ayer's version of Suicide Squad which had much bigger plans for the character. Once upon a time, it appeared Leto and Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie were going to have a movie together but that seems to have been reshaped into Birds of Prey which made an effort to emancipate itself from Leto's character.

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