'Justice League's Ben Affleck Says His Daughters Look Up To Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

Warner Bros. latest film in the DC Comics cinematic universe brings together some of the most [...]

Warner Bros. latest film in the DC Comics cinematic universe brings together some of the most popular superheroes in pop culture. Although few characters are cooler than Batman, the actor who plays him is scoring points with his daughters because of his co-star.

While speaking on the red carpet for Justice League, Ben Affleck revealed that his 11- and 8-year-old daughters are big fans of Wonder Woman actor Gal Gadot, making him cool by association.

"They really look up to Gal and think she's so cool and awesome, like we all do," Affleck told E! News at last night's premiere. "I guess some of her 'cool' must be rubbing off on me a little bit as a dad—I know someone cool!"

Affleck laughed and added, "I gotta trade on what I got!"

The actor also has a 5-year-old son, but Batman isn't his favorite hero either.

"My son does love The Flash. He feels he's very fast, and he likes to demonstrate that," Affleck said. "It's a little bit of a mix between Flash and...what was the little kid in The Incredibles name? He was also very fast. So, in his mind, that's who he wants to be."

That kid's name is 'Dash,' Ben. Come on, step up your Pixar game.

Affleck seemed to be in good spirits on the red carpet, relaying his excitement for people able to finally see the film.

"I love this movie. I had so much fun with all these actors and I'm just excited for the fans to get a chance to finally see it," Affleck said.. "That means a lot. There's so much enthusiasm. People are geared up."

It was a long road to make this movie, which will end up being Affleck's third appearance as Batman so far. As for whether he'll don the cape and cowl again, that remains to be seen — Affleck stepped down from directing and writing The Batman and was replaced by War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves.

Though Affleck has expressed love for the role, he's been noncommittal about his future as the character.

Fans will be able to see his latest turn as the Caped Crusader this Friday, November 17, when Justice League premieres in theaters.