'Justice League' Cast Reacts To Rotten Tomatoes Score In Fan Video

It appears both fans and characters of Justice League are having a similar reaction to the [...]

It appears both fans and characters of Justice League are having a similar reaction to the lackluster number posted beside the film on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

In the above video made by YouTube user The VGC, the characters featured in Justice League see the Tomatometer score for Justice League being unveiled to a disappointing 43%. The video uses footage from previous films in the DC Extended Universe, such as Alfred looking at screens in the Batcave, Diana Prince reading an e-mail, and Bruce Wayne deep in thought.

Then, the video highlights some of the harshest comments made by critics about the film, paired with scenes from Man of Steel and other DC movies.

During Thursday's episode of ComicBook NOW, ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis and Charlie Ridgely discussed the critical reception of Justice League, which strongly countered ComicBook.com's positive review.

"Critics are ripping Justice League apart," Davis said. "It seems like there is no in between. People either liked it, which is where I land, I really like Justice League, or it's the worst movie. It's like sitting on top of radiation is what these critics felt they were doing while watching Justice League."

"I don't understand that," Davis concluded.

"People who were at the junket and the premiere, they're tweeting their reactions to this movie," Ridgely added. "I saw a couple of negative things but it was mostly things like you said, like' There are some issues with this movie. There are some story things. I didn't like the villain very much but it was very, very fun. The characters had good lines and it was very uplifting and you left enjoying it. So, the transition from that, which was all critics...now seeing these reviews...I don't see where anyone's getting that from."

Justice League is now playing in theaters.