New 'Justice League ' BTS Footage Dissects Its Superhero Costumes

Justice League is one of this year’s most hotly anticipated films, and superhero buffs are ready [...]

Justice League is one of this year's most hotly anticipated films, and superhero buffs are ready to see its costumes in action. The blockbuster will see Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and more suit up in their iconic numbers, and a new behind-the-scenes reel is now breaking down those costumes.

As you can see above, a Justice League featurette was released in German that details the film's costumes. The clip has several BTS clips of Ray Fisher rocking his motion-capture bodysuit for Cyborg while Batman poses for a few shots. The video also includes a few cast interviews, and Jason Momoa straight-up admitted he had a freakout moment over Ben Affleck's costume.

"We all showed up in costume together. I've only had a few freakout moments, but that was huge," Momoa said before looking to Affleck. "Seeing you, I'd just walk around you [and] check you out. It's kind of weird, but like - I can't believe I'm standing next to Batman."

As for Affleck, the actor said he was fine with his costumes save for one. Momoa asked the star if he had a least-favorite suit, and Affleck said he did.

"There's a Batman bat suit and a tactical suit. That one was warmer, and you also have to put these glasses on. There's just a little bit of flesh exposed to breathe, and we had to close that down."

"At least you were covered," Gal Gadot chimed in, nodding to her skin-showing costume.

As for Fisher, the Cyborg actor said his suit was easy to deal with. After all, he just had to wear a motion-capture get-up. "I was smooth sailing. I had pajamas on."

"That's one of those things when you see random pajamas," Momoa interjected, ribbing Fisher about his easy costume. "My suit weighs forty pounds; You [Ezra Miller] have to get screwed into yours; You [Gadot] got nothing on. You can see the change in [Ray Fisher's] pockets."

Justice League currently has a 4.18 out of 5 User Anticipation Rating, making it the third most anticipated upcoming comic book movie among users. Let us know how much you're looking forward to Justice League by giving the movie your own personal User Anticipation Rating below.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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