Another DC Comics Character Had A Cameo In 'Justice League'

The latest release from DC Films and Warner Bros. finally brought together some of the greatest [...]

The latest release from DC Films and Warner Bros. finally brought together some of the greatest superheroes for the big screen, but eagle-eyed fans have noticed other cult-favorite characters appear in the film.

Justice League features Wonder Woman, Batman, and the Flash in prominent roles, but it also features the debut of a character who would become the Spectre in the comics. A scene set in the Gotham City Police Headquarters features Commissioner Jim Gordon having a conversation with Detective Crispus Allen, played by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith.

The character isn't named out loud, but he is designated in the film's credits.

Allen debuted as a Gotham cop in the pages of Detective Comics #742 by Greg Rucka and Shawn Martinbrough, and later became a prominent character in Gotham Central by Rucka, Ed Brubaker, and Michael Lark.

The character has also appeared on Gotham played by Andrew Stewart-Jones, and by Rob Brown in The Dark Knight Rises.

Allen was murdered by the corrupt cop Jim Corrigan in the pages of Gotham Central, becoming the new human host for the Spectre during the Infinite Crisis event.

Though the character has not been seen since the New 52 reboot, his prominence in the fan-favorite comic Gotham Central has made him a fan favorite character.

It remains to be seen if Holdbrook-Smith will reprise the role in a future film, though J.K. Simmons is set to reprise his role as Commissioner Gordon in Matt Reeves' planned Batman movie.

Having Allen pop up in The Batman would further contribute to the film's continuity from Justice League. And considering The Batman is said to be a noir-esque detective story, adding characters like Allen or even Renee Montoya to the mix would help contribute to that tone.

Hopefully we see Allen again in the future, whether it's in the new movie or in some deleted scenes for Justice League.

Justice League is now in theaters.