Gal Gadot Reveals How She Tried to Hide Her Morning Sickness on 'Justice League' Set

While it's well known that Gal Gadot shot Wonder Woman while pregnant, but she was also pregnant [...]

While it's well known that Gal Gadot shot Wonder Woman while pregnant, but she was also pregnant during the last part of shooting Justice League and the actress went to great lengths to hide her morning sickness from the cast.

In a recent appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Gadot revealed that while she didn't yet have a baby bump so there was no need for special shooting angles or techniques, she did have other hallmarks of early pregnancy.

"The bump wasn't there," she said. "I was pregnant for the last three months of the shoot. You star to show after three months. You just feel sick."

Morning sickness is a very common pregnancy symptom, but it wasn't one that Gadot wanted to broadcast to her coworkers. She said she did her best to keep things a secret, but everyone knew.

"I was super, I vomited everywhere. and my assistant -- and I don't want to be disgusting, like I'm so open with you guys -- but I felt so sick and I didn't say anything to anyone and I thought no one knew, but everyone knew, apparently, they told me after," Gadot said. "I started to come to set with sunglasses because it's all green screen and bright lights and hectic, you know and then every cut I had to go and run and vomit somewhere."

While keeping the pregnancy under wraps became impossible during final shots on Wonder Woman to the point that her costume's front armor was replaced with green fabric that could be digitally made to look like her armor in post-production, Gadot and her assistant worked hard to keep things quiet -- literally.

"So, I had an assistant with a bucket and she used to put other stuff in the bucket, so people think... instead of a bag she had a bucket," she said. "It makes sense overall. And once I was so loud and I didn't make it to the restroom in the trailer, so I was vomiting, and I was so loud -- I'm so sorry this is disgusting but-- and she went 'la la la' [loud singing sounds] so no one knew what was happening. We went through a boot camp."

Justice League opens in theaters November 17, 2017.