Justice League Movie Official Title Revealed By Geoff Johns

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

On Friday, a big rumor hit about some potential titles for the first Justice League movie. The rumored titles included Justice League United, Justice League: Angels and Demons, Justice League: Gods Among Us, and Justice League: Gods Among Men.

Considering that Batman V Superman was given the lengthy title Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it would make sense that Warner Bros. might follow suit with the Justice League. However, it turns out that is not to be the case.

On Friday night, Geoff Johns, the recently named co-chief of DC Films division, took to social media to dispel the rumors. Johns revealed that the Justice League movie will simply be called Justice League.


Perhaps, Johns took note of all the jokes made about Batman V Superman's extended title, and we're seeing that Johns will bring a keep it simple attitude to the DC Films division. The first Avengers movie was just called Avengers, and there really is no need for a subtitle on the first Justice League movie. The name Justice League really says it all.