'Aquaman' Director Reviews 'Justice League'

Justice League is still a couple of days away, but some members of the press, as well as DC's biggest names, had a chance to watch the film at the World Premiere on Monday night.

In addition to the franchise stars, including future Shazam actor Zachary Levi, upcoming Aquaman director James Wan attended the premiere. Following the screening, Wan shared his thoughts on Twitter and, to no one's surprise, his reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

"No bias or anything, but damn, Justice League is terrific fun!" Wan's post went on to praise the character work in the film by saying, "Great characters, great chemistry."

Since Wan didn't direct Justice League, it was probably refreshing for him to see the characters come to life and have a lot of fun before Aquaman hits theaters. It could have been nerve-racking, having your main character introduced in someone else's movie.

Fortunately, Wan's comments make it seem like he's happy with the job Zack Snyder did with Aquaman in the movie. He also seems to enjoy all of the other characters in the film, which is a big plus.


The official review embargo doesn't lift until Tuesday night, but the first reactions to the film hit social media this past Friday. Many of those who screened the movie early shared the same thoughts as Wan, highly praising the character work in the movie, despite any other flaws it may have.

Audiences will be able to screen Justice League when it hits theaters on November 17, 2017.