'Justice League' Director Gives Special Screening to Kids Battling Diseases

A few wonderful kids had the opportunity to see a special screening of Justice League, and it was [...]

A few wonderful kids had the opportunity to see a special screening of Justice League, and it was all thanks to director Zack Snyder.

A few months ago photographer Josh Rossi featured several children with disabilities in a Justice League photoshoot, which was immensely well received. He turned each one into their very own superhero, and Snyder followed that up with creating a special screening of the film for all six children.

The Wonder Woman of the group is named Sophie Loftus, who has a rare form of cancer that she fights every day. Her parents Andrew and Chelsey Loftus were on hand at the screening, and couldn't be happier for the group. "It's so awesome. These kids deserve it," Andrew said. "It is just amazing to see all these people supporting Sophie and all the other children who have gone through so much."

Sophie's mother remembers when they first got the call from Rossi about the photoshoot. "At first we were skeptical, but then heard that they wanted to show her strengths through this photoshoot," Chelsey said. "They wanted Sophie to be Wonder Woman and we were on board."

Sophie was joined by Teagan Petit (Superman), Zaiden (The Flash), Kayden Kinckle (Cyborg), Mataese Manuma (Aquaman), and Simon Fullmer (Batman) for the screening, which included a full red carpet event before the movie for them. Over 100 people showed up to cheer them on, and Sophie even showed up in her Wonder Woman costume.

"It was cool to see her get to do something that was just for her, and own it," Chelsey said.

The children's family and friends all got to see the movie as well, and DC gave all six children plenty of DC Comics merchandise to take home.

Even better news is that Sophie is healthy and now in remission, and you can find the original photoshoot of Rossi's Justice League here.

Justice League currently holds a 64.50 on ComicBook.com's composite ranking, which you can vote on here.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17th.

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