Did Shazam Secretly Appear In 'Justice League'?

Justice League debuted in theaters this weekend, finally debunking everyone's rumors about which [...]

Justice League debuted in theaters this weekend, finally debunking everyone's rumors about which DC characters are involved with the movie. But while one of the DC Extended Universe's upcoming heroes doesn't noticeably appear in the film, could he have secretly made a cameo?

Spoilers for Justice League below!

Justice League opens with a unique sighting of Clark Kent/Superman (Henry Cavill), as he is being interviewed by a kid for his podcast. We never see the child who is interviewing Superman, as the scene is shot in first person on a cell phone camera. But some have already begun to wonder - could that kid be Billy Batson/Shazam?

As many DC fans already know, Shazam! is set to hit the big screen in 2019, with Zachary Levi and Asher Angel playing the dual roles of Billy. Granted, Shazam! is too early in production to assume that the Justice League scene is a direct reference -- but it could be.

In the comics, Billy is pretty intricately tied to the world of radio, with his first comic appearance establishing his job as ancon-air radio reporter. The early Captain Marvel comics quickly embraced this motif, showing the young Billy narrating each issue through his WHIZ radio microphone. A very easy way to update this in a modern context, and give fans a sort of quirky, diegetic voice over for Shazam!, would be for Billy to have his own podcast.

Billy being the kid who interviewed Clark would also play up one of Shazam's biggest rumors - the connection to Superman. The duo team up quite a bit within the pages of DC Comics, leading some to speculate that Cavill could reprise his role in the film in some way. Having Billy - or rather, the young Billy - already know Superman would make for a pretty cool connection between the two adult heroes. (Not too different from that finally confirmed Aquaman Easter egg in Man of Steel.)

And even if Cavill doesn't end up appearing in Shazam!, this subtle connection to Billy could certainly have an impact on the film. Early audition tapes hinted at both Billy and Freddy Freeman/Shazam Jr. idolizing Superman, with Billy having an "Ark of the Covenant" filled with his merchandise. Connecting the podcast scene to Shazam! would only further that idolization, and make for a pretty adorable Easter egg in the process.

Justice League is in theaters now.