Justice League: The Snyder Cut Gets An Honest Trailer

This might be the first time that Honest Trailers have done a full breakdown for a movie that [...]

This might be the first time that Honest Trailers have done a full breakdown for a movie that hasn't been released (and may never be released) but for their April Fool's Joke this year the YouTube channel has offered a gentle ribbing of the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League which even fans of the filmmaker can find humor in. The trademark narration for the video says of The Snyder Cut: "It doesn't just make Justice League into a good movie, it transforms it into the best movie ever made;" while also making gags about mustaches, Snyder's love for Ayn Rand, and Joss Whedon's trademark "quipsy" dialogue. Even after the trailer concludes, Honest Trailers plead with Warner Bros.: "But seriously, finish the Snyder Cut and put it out." Watch the full video for yourself above!

Though some of the actors involved in the film are doubtful of the cut ever being released (and some that have called for just that), Snyder himself remains vocal about hoping to see it out there, telling a fan last year to not loose hope. The filmmaker has continued to look back on the project since its theatrical debut, releasing storyboard artwork and even trolling Warner Bros. During New York Comic Con, Snyder revealed that Martian Manhunter would have appeared in his version of the film.

Whether the Snyder Cut exists in some form has been a matter of some debate. Some reports have suggested the Snyder Cut does not exist in any workable form, but according to Snyder, the cut does exist. The filmmaker previously posted a photo of the film canisters seemingly containing the reels for his cut and gone as far as to suggest CGI work had been done on his version of the film. On VERO, Snyder stated, "Film is not 100 percent finished still some stuff I want to do as with every film I've made not sure what difference it makes as to the finished level of the film."

A broad report on the state of DC Films at Warner Bros. suggested that any hope of ever seeing the Snyder Cut is a pipe dream. The report suggests that finishing Snyder's version of the film would cost millions of dollars in editing and visual effects work and that Warner Bros. isn't interesting in spending that money on a film that was a "commercial disaster" upon release, one that their DC Films franchise has moved past with the successes of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, and Joker. Snyder posted a photo to VERO to rebuke that idea. In the comments, he told fans that he is "tired of people saying it's not real."