'Justice League' VFX Artist Denies That Zack Snyder Cut Exists

Fans have been calling for a director's cut of Justice League ever since it hit theaters, but [...]

Fans have been calling for a director's cut of Justice League ever since it hit theaters, but according to one source that doesn't necessarily exist.

Some revelations about cut and altered scenes came to light recently thanks to a VFX artist who works on DC's superhero movies named LDN_Film. Thanks to a few leaks some of those were confirmed, and LDN recently took to Reddit to answer some questions. That included the rumored Zack Snyder cut of the film, and he has some bad news.

"There is no 'Snyder cut'," LDN_Film said. "Directors constantly change the edit as they're going along, hence why some shots get half finished then scrapped - like some of the leaked ones."

One of those aforementioned scenes included a cut cameo from Kiersey Clemmons, and this scene perfectly fits LDN's point.

"For instance in the Barry saves Iris scene, there's a load of unfinished hot dogs but some fairly far-ahead explosion and environment work," LDN said. "He's barefoot btw because the shot where he turns around and the floor ripples was supposed to have his sneakers rip apart from how fast he turned. We were in the middle of working on them when the shot was omitted (cut) last year."

That didn't keep him from being asked about it again, so he addressed it a bit more.

"1000% bullshit. As I've said, of course there is an assembly cut Zack had going before he left, but that was 9 months ago," LDN said. "He himself said he hasn't touched or interfered or been a part of the process since March. There is no cut. People like this guy are the worst, perpetuating rumors of processes they don't understand."

When asked if Snyder had an overall plan in place for League before he left, LDN expanded further on the process.

"I literally explained it - the film is found in the edit process, rarely does a director start shooting with the entire film plotted out," LDN said. "Some things work, some things don't. There is no Snyder cut - obviously he had a rough edit in process hen he left in February, but the reshoots were done 6 months after that, he had no final version of the film."

Now, that doesn't mean the film wouldn't have been a bit different from the Whedon cut, but that doesn't mean there's a secret cut out there.

"Yes, Zack would've probably done things differently to how the film turned out, but thats it," LDN said. "There isn't a secret Zack version hidden somewhere. It doesn't exist."

You can judge the current cut for yourself, as Justice League is in theaters now.