Justice League Villain Confirmed As Steppenwolf

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

When Justice League arrives in theaters in November of next year, it will do so with its main villain being Steppenwolf.

Justice League executive producer Deborah Snyder confirmed to Comicbook.com and other members of the press on Friday that Steppenwolf will indeed be the villain of Justice League. When asked if the role had been cast yet, she reluctantly said he has not but insists they are close to finalizing a deal.

An uncle to Darkseid, Steppenwolf is one of the despot's most trusted lieutenants. He's been killed and resurrected more than once, the first and most notable time after he assassinated the wife of Izaya, the Highfather of New Genesis and Darkseid's opposite number.

Steppenwolf's sister, Heggra, was Darkseid's mother, until she was killed by her husband. The villain is generally depicted as the great military mind behind Darkseid's forces.

Steppenwolf will be leading an army of Parademons, first seen in the Knightmare sequence of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Steppenwolf made his first appearance in the DC Films universe in a deleted scene from Dawn of Justice which was released online the Monday after the film's release, which Zack Snyder calls DC's equivalent to a post-credits scene.

In the War Room on set of Justice League, a tall outline of Steppenwolf was on display but all color and details were removed and replaced with a black figure.

Justice League is set for release November 17, 2017.


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