'Justice League': Warner Bros. Reportedly Offered To Create CGI Mustache If Paramount Would Let Henry Cavill Shave

The tale of Henry Cavill's mustache took the world by storm a few months back, and a VFX artist [...]

The tale of Henry Cavill's mustache took the world by storm a few months back, and a VFX artist added even more to the surreal story.

Warner Bros. VFX artist LDN_Film recently took part in an impromptu Reddit AMA (ask me anything), where the topic of Henry Cavill's CGI mustache came up. Specifically, what the team's reaction was to the news they would have to CGI that off his face for multiple scenes.

"A mix - to some people it's a cool little project to get stuck in to and another problem to solve, which is what a lot of VFX is about," LDN_Film said. "Challenging. To me, as a fan, I was annoyed haha Paramount should've shaved him and stuck a fake one on for MI6. Ridiculously petty of them."

For context, Cavill was already involved with the new Mission Impossible when Justice League came calling again with needed reshoots. Unfortunately, Cavill has a full mustache in Mission Impossible, but according to LDN, the task didn't have to be as difficult as it became.

"We did tests on already shot footage of Superman to add a beard as well to show the MI6 team at Paramount it was loads easier, and Warner Bros offered to pay for all the beard adding shots in MI6. They said no," LDN_Film said.

It seems to be much easier to add things in then take things out. When LDN was asked about Aquaman's CGI LDN said "Aquaman is all about adding hair and beards. That's easy compared to removing it haha." He later revealed that building an underwater beard is much easier than rebuilding part of Henry Cavill's face.

LDN was also asked if the CGI on Cavill's face would've been better if Justice League had been delayed until 2018. "It would've been seamless," LDN_Film said.

Some have heavily criticized the CGI job on Cavill's face, while others haven't really noticed it. While delaying might have been better for the effects, there's little chance Warner Bros. would've have done it. Delaying it would have only increased audience anxiousness for the film, and it certainly didn't need more of that.

Justice League is in theaters now.