Gal Gadot Promises 'Justice League' Is Still Zack Snyder's Film

DC Films has released plenty of movies in its time, but few of them have been scrutinized like [...]

DC Films has released plenty of movies in its time, but few of them have been scrutinized like Justice League. The blockbuster is slated to open next month, but its entire production run has been plagued with controversy. Rumors about the film only intensified after Zack Snyder exited the film following the tragic loss of his daughter, but Gal Gadot doesn't want fans to worry.

After all, the Wonder Woman star did just say Justice League is still Snyder's project.

In the most recent issue of Empire Magazine, fans were shown a new set of interviews from the Justice League cast. The film's stars opened up about their work ahead of its November premiere, and it was there that Gadot stressed Snyder's part on Justice League.

"This is Zack Snyder's movie," Gadot said, playing down recent fears about the film's reshoots. "Joss only did a few weeks of reshoots. He was Zack's guy and knew exactly what he wanted to get."

Ben Affleck also commented on Whedon's entrance into the project. The actor said he didn't see any overlap between Whedon's work on Avengers versus what he did with Justice League.

"Joss is more than just an Avengers director. He's a good storyteller, full stop. In mid-stream, Joss got on and part of what interested him was the puzzle aspect of it, fitting in pieces that weren't there yet. He put the rest of the pieces in and gave it his own imprimatur," the Batman actor revealed.

"Joss came in and walked a very fine line between Zack's sensibility, tone, and direction," Affleck added. "We found a really fun and inspiring synthesis of their two forms of storytelling. I was so glad everyone showed up to work for Zack."

Fans are pleased to hear that Justice League is still operating under Snyder's vision despite his absence. Many were concerned the directorial shift would make the superhero film feel uneven, but the Justice League cast wants everyone to know Whedon's transition was a smooth one. With two heads working together one the film, the DC film has an even greater shot at impressing critics, so fans should look forward to the film's first reactions later this fall.

Justice League currently has a 4.18 out of 5 User Anticipation Rating, making it the third most anticipated upcoming comic book movie among users. Let us know how much you're looking forward to Justice League by giving the movie your own personal User Anticipation Rating below.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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