Justice League: Zack Snyder Clarifies What Additional Footage Is Being Added

Zack Snyder's Justice League has assembling its crew and some of its cast to add a bit of footage [...]

Zack Snyder's Justice League has assembling its crew and some of its cast to add a bit of footage to the original director's 4-hour cut of the DC Comics story. However, thee additional photography which is piecing together some of what Snyder needed to fully complete his version of Justice League is only a very small piece of the total pie which his fans are going to eat later this year. Snyder's version of Justice League only produced two more scenes after it was announced as an HBO Max series with the bulk of the work sounding like it's coming from a VFX process in post-production, according to Snyder.

Snyder joined the ComicBook Debate gang for a detailed conversation about his experience on this Justice League roller coaster, opening up to the enthusiastic and professional hosts who talked with him for 40 minutes. On the show, Snyder clarified what additional effort went into his Justice League after three years away from the project. "A very small portion of the movie is the new stuff that I shot," Snyder explained. "Like 80-something percent of the movie has never been seen by anyone, visual effects wise, and that's not even including the scenes that you guys have never seen that don't have visual effects. That part's really exciting and I can't wait for everyone to experience this giant scale adventure the way I intended everyone to experience it."

More specifically, Snyder assembled the cast and crew in 2020 to shoot one sequence which he has not revealed details of just yet and another involving Jared Leto's Joker. "First of all, let's just clarify, there's like two bits that I added," Snyder says. "One bit that I had really sort of hoped to shoot in post but never got the chance to and then one, that scene, with Jared. This whole little piece with Jared. The truth is, the rest of the four hours of the movie are really just what I shot. The truth is I was in a struggle with the studio, you know and famously we had a lot of stuff we had to do, and make it funny, and all that stuff. I just kind of, in a slightly subversive way, just kept also doing my thing at the same time so I would have, what I believed would be closer to what I wanted to do without any influence. I always try to shoot that way anyway. I always try to shoot what I think is right. Putting the movie back together was like an archaeologisit, pulling all the pieces, what I had, what I had shot, and what would never have seen the light of day even thought I had shot it."

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Zack Snyder's Justice League does not yet have an official release date but is expected to arrive on HBO Max and in theaters in early 2021.