Kevin Smith's Full Suicide Squad Review: "Like A Hot Topic Come To Life"

David Ayer's action packed Suicide Squad has received a warm welcome at the Box Office, and while [...]

David Ayer's action packed Suicide Squad has received a warm welcome at the Box Office, and while many critics have been rather negative towards the project, fans have been waiting to see what Director and fan favorite comic enthusiast Kevin Smith thought of the film.

On the latest Fat Man on Batman, Smith takes a few minutes to talk about what his daughter thought of Suicide Squad (she loved it by the way), and then segued into his thoughts on the film.

"Now, a review from a 46-year-old man, a man who likes comic books, a man who's been reading this stuff forever. A man who's been waving the flag for this kind of thing since the beginning of his f****** career when comics weren't cool man, so what did I think about it. I thought it was f****** dope. I think he did a great job. I honestly think that, I used to be one of those cats that was like "they should give comic book material to people that know comic books very well and stuff". David's movie to me was a commercial for you can give comic book material to people outside the medium, maybe didn't grow up with this s*** in their blood or whatever, and it creates a real interesting effect."

Kevin Smith Suicide Squad

"I don't want this to sound dismissive" Smith continued. "This movie was like a Hot Topic come to life. Like you were in the mall and suddenly Hot Topic's came to life and started fighting in front of you and s*** like that. It was dope man, it felt young, and I'm like 40 mid, I'm over mid-life let's be honest, I'll be dead in 5 years. 46 years old man, and I felt like a kid watching this movie. Not just because "oh my god I love these characters, I'm seeing some of my favorite characters on the big screen" and stuff, it just felt young, it had this energy to it and stuff."

Now, just because he loved it does not mean other critics are wrong in their opinions, and he wanted to make that clear.

"I ain't' dismissing the critics and what not, people, some people have kind of railed against the movie, and if you don't like it then you don't like it, and I'm not saying they don't get it by any stretch of the imagination. Don't f****** put my words in a way where suddenly f****** critics are up my a****** again and vice versa."

Audiences seem to agree with Smith, as the film is projected to bring in about $140 million over its opening weekend.

Do you agree with Smith about Suicide Squad? Let us know what you thought about the movie in the comments!

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