Supergirl EP Talks General Zod's Debut

Between her adoptive dad breaking bad and her sister getting kidnapped, Kara Danvers has had her [...]

Between her adoptive dad breaking bad and her sister getting kidnapped, Kara Danvers has had her hands awfully full in the past few episodes of Supergirl — and that's not including the Luthors, Project Cadmus, or Rhea (Teri Hatcher), the bigger of the bads this season.

Bad news for Kara, the bad guys aren't going to be easier defeats as the season begins to wrap up, General Zod is on the way to making his Arrowverse debut.

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The former Kryptonian general — who's set to be played by Mark Gibbon (Smallville) — is slated to appear before Supergirl season two wraps up, and showrunner Andrew Kreisberg certainly isn't hiding his exciting.

"I don't really want to say too much about Zod. How and why it happens is a fun surprise. As far as his costume is concerned, we took a page out of the older, Nazi uniform that he used to wear, which was very cool," Kreisberg told CBR in a recent interview. "That name instantly means something to fans of Superman and Supergirl. It's a bit of a cameo surprise in the episode."

When Zod debuts in the Arrowverse, it won't be Gibbon's first rodeo in pop culture. The actor previously held roles in Smallville, Arrow, and The X-Files while lending his voice to Marvel in several different animated projects as the Incredible Hulk, The Thing, and Nick Fury.

Zod's Supergirl appearance will also be the fourth time the villain has been seen in live action behind Michael Shannon (Man of Steel), Callum Blue (Callum Blue), and Terrence Stamp (Superman II).

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