‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Alum Arthur Darvill Praises Beebo

Beebo, the fluffy blue plush toy turned god, may be a favorite among fans of The CW's Legends of [...]

Beebo, the fluffy blue plush toy turned god, may be a favorite among fans of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow, but it turns out he's a favorite among former cast members as well.

Arthur Darvill, who played the original captain of the Waverider Rip Hunter and appeared on the series for its first three seasons, and while Rip was often a bit more buttoned up than the rest of the team Darvill has an appreciation for Beebo. ComicBook.com was at his panel at Dallas Fan Days 2018 where he told fans he thinks the character is "hilarious".

"I mean, there's characters on Legends that I just think are amazing," Darvill said. "Like, the fact that they got Beebo in. I'm so sad that I never got to work with a big fluffy blue thing. I just think it's the most amazing, hilarious invention."

For those perhaps not familiar, Beebo debuted in Legends' Season 3 midseason finale as a sort of Tickle Me Elmo-inspired toy transported to the time of the Vikings where he was worshipped as a god. He later returned -- in super giant form -- for the season finale to literally cuddle the temporal demon Mallus to death. If that sounds bonkers it's because it is, but as Darvill explained, that's a very good thing as it marks a vast improvement over the show's first season.

"Also, when we signed onto the show — I'm not a big fan of the first season, especially the first half, I thought 'Aw, this is just a bit too…' It was very much finding its way," Darvill said. "And it was a bit too serious. Especially for me, I was like 'Oh god, this is just so dull and serious.' So the second season for me was so much fun, and they gave me loads of really fun stuff to do. And I think it's gotten better and better as the show's gone along. And as they've found that they can actually write a comedy superhero program - still with heart and still with real characters and stuff. But I think they've really — the writing has really gotten very very good. So I'm really pleased that the show has really found its feet. And it's quite unique in that universe, and amongst [the larger superhero genre]. It's not the same comedy as Guardians of the Galaxy, or anything like that. It's got a real quirky, anything-can-happen quality to it. I love it."

Darvill isn't along in loving the show's quirkiness and Beebo, either. Series star Caity Lotz told fans at Fan Expo Vancouver that there was no coming back from Beebo, but in the best possible way.

"When we first, that script was Legends' first kind of deep dive into craziness and I remember shooting that with all these Vikings and we're in this like amazing period gear and everything is very like... and then you just see Nate and Amaya having this blue fuzzy doll like sneaking in the background and I remember we all turned and were like 'we just...did we jump the shark? There's no coming back from there, really.'" Lotz said. "And it's right. There was no coming back from that but in the better. I think that it was kind of a gamble and it worked and Beebo's the lead of the show."

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