Brandon Routh Says Goodbye To Legends Of Tomorrow With Heartfelt Post And Photos

It’s been a long road in the Arrowverse for Brandon Routh as he became a staple on DC’s [...]

It's been a long road in the Arrowverse for Brandon Routh as he became a staple on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Now, the actor has said goodbye to the series on Instagram after filming his final scenes on the show. Today was the big day and emotions must have been flying all around on the set as they got ready to say goodbye to one of their own. Five seasons is nothing to sneeze at and Routh also spent some time around Arrow as well. His departure isn't exactly a surprise, but it still is surreal to see his time come to an end. In this run toward "Crisis on Infinite Earths," endings are a giant theme for the story of each Arrowverse show. In real life too, there are a number of goodbyes waiting at the end of this television season as the show that started these superhero staples on The CW turns off the lights for the final time.

Routh wrote on Instagram, "My final day of filming with my #LegendsFamily. I love you all & appreciate the 5 seasons we've spent together.
It hasn't always been easy, but I think that's what makes it harder to leave—getting through the growing pains of the first few seasons has bonded us. 👊🏻 And made the last three seasons a blast! I've never been at a job this long, so this is new for me. 😢 I think I will miss you all and the fun we've had making this silly show on the #Waverider—as much as I'll miss bringing #RayPalmer to life. Love & blessings on a great finish to the season. 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️"

The emotional goodbyes have already begun as Dominic Purcel posted his goodbye to his friend on social media yesterday. Both Routh and his wife Courtney Ford are leaving their spots as series regulars during the upcoming fifth season of the show. His final appearance in Legends of Tomorrow might be as the character that got him started in this whole capes and spandex deal, Superman. The first episode of this season is titled "Crisis" so there is change coming quickly for the entire crew.

Still, fans are a little emotional about seeing The Atom say his final goodbyes. People around the shows have voiced their thankfulness for being able to work alongside the couple over the course of this run.

"Brandon and Courtney have been invaluable members of the Legends family," series executive producers Phil Klemmer, Grainne Godfree and Keto Shimizu told Deadline. "They have always brought a level passion and collaboration to their characters and to the show — both on and off the screen – that we deeply admire and for which we are eternally grateful."

For now, fans can look forward to seeing Routh take to the skies as Superman again alongside at least two other versions of the hero. The Kingdom Come version of the character will be flanked by Tom Welling's rendition and Tyler Hoechlin's Superman from Supergirl. This Fall is going to be a doozy. We've already seen some carnage as a result of the Crisis and things will only get more dire.

Arrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow will return in January of 2020, with the first episode being part of the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover.