Exclusive Interview: Puppet Atom, Puppet Steel, and Puppet White Canary Talk 'Legends of Tomorrow'

On Monday, DC's Legends of Tomorrow will wrap up its 2018 broadcast and take a holiday hiatus [...]

On Monday, DC's Legends of Tomorrow will wrap up its 2018 broadcast and take a holiday hiatus which will last until the spring, when the series will return and wrap up its fourth season. And while Legends is not taking part in the big "Elseworlds" crossover that will unite the casts of Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl with a host of new characters including Superman and Batwoman, Legends is doing some reality-hopping itself -- in a decidedly Legends way.

After John Constantine altered the timeline at the end of last week's episode, reality seems to have fractured, and only Constantine and Charlie can fix it. The Legends will work their way through a labyrinth of alternate-reality takes on their friends, one of which is a version of the timelie where the Legends are puppets.

Luckily for Comicbook.com, Puppet White Canary, Puppet Atom, and Puppet Steel took time out of their busy schedules for a brief interview to tell us how to get (how to get) to the DC's Legends of Tomorrow winter finale on Monday.

What Earth are you guys from?

Puppet Steel: Okay, I get it. You see us and you think we're these superheroes, travelling through the timeline saving history while pulling off these amazing costumes, and you think we must not be human. We must be from some other planet. But we're regular people, just like you.

Puppet Atom: Nate, I think they're just wondering why we're puppets.

Puppet Steel: Oh. Well, why wouldn't we be?

In next week's adventure, is it strange to see those weird fleshy people who look like your crewmates?

Puppet White Canary: Look, we love non-puppet people. Just because you're not a puppet, you shouldn't feel like we aren't going to save you from a history-hating supervillain. And you don't have to feel one tiny bit "lesser" just because you take showers instead of getting cleaned in the washing machine.

What are your feelings on Beebo?

Puppet Steel: Hey buddy. Beebo is a kids toy, alright? We might be warm and cuddly... and yes from time to time we solve our problems by singing songs… But we're real-ass super-puppets, got it? I'd hate for you to find out just how real the hard way.

Puppet Atom: Sorry, he's been a little defensive ever since King Shark laughed at him.

For White Canary and Atom in particular, what's your take on the fleshy versions of Nora and Ava?

Puppet Atom: I hate to admit it. But Nora doesn't seem interested in dating a puppet. Or maybe, just not interested in a nice guy. I'm really not sure which is the dealbreaker.

Puppet White Canary: Ava Sharpe is a tall drink of water and I'll give her a puppet show any time she wants.

On our Earth, we know quite a lot about the pop culture touchstones that shaped the early lives of Nate and Ray. What are the movies and TV shows you guys grew up with?

Puppet Steel: Oh, I think he wants us to say, like, we grew up watching The Muppets. Or like, Puppet Indiana Jones. Or if the Jetsons were the Marionette-sons.

Puppet Atom: I'd watch the Marionette-sons. You don't see a lot of puppet shows set in the future. Mystery Science Theater 3000, I guess. I watched a ton of that growing up.

Puppet Steel: Oooh, no way, so did I! What about you, Sara?

Puppet White Canary: Any movie with Bruce Lee in it.

Is there a Pee-wee Herman where you come from?

Puppet White Canary: Pee-wee Herman is a national treasure. I'll tell you a little secret… You'll know you're in the proper timeline -- the true timeline -- when you see Pee-wee Herman is the President of the United States for Life.