The Justice League Get a Joker Alert in New "LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash" Clip

Warner Bros. has released a new clip for LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash, their upcoming [...]

Warner Bros. has released a new clip for LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash, their upcoming direct-to-home animated movie.

The video shows the various members of the Justice League running towards their command center, which results into some hilarity involving Plastic Man and Firestorm. Once in front of a computer, they watch a news report from Lois Lane, who explains that the Joker is rampaging through the streets of Gotham City.

Joker then arrives on the streets (wearing his ensemble most notably seen in The Killing Joke, which is...something) and launches two cannons of laughing gas into the streets. Everyone begins laughing, including Lois.

There's no telling how this scene factors into LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash, mainly because Barry Allen isn't seen in the clip. But considering what else he had to deal with within the film, his absence is pretty easily explained.

You can read the synopsis for LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash below.

"In LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash, Reverse-Flash manipulates the Speed Force to put The Flash into a time loop that forces him to relive the same day over and over again – with progressively disastrous results, including losing his powers and being fired by the Justice League. The Flash must find a way to restore time to its original path and finally apprehend his worst enemy before all is lost for The Flash … and the world!

Along the route, The Flash encounters numerous new characters being introduced to the popular DC Super Heroes series, including The Atom; B'dg, a squirrel-esque Green Lantern; a pair of legendary super pets in Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto the Super-Dog, Batman and Superman's faithful canine pals; as well as Aquaman's trusted seahorse, Storm."

LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash also features an original song, "It's Magic," written by Tim Kelly and Jeremy Adams, and performed with enthusiastic zest by the trio of The Flash (voiced by James Arnold Taylor), Zatanna (Kate Micucci) and Doctor Fate (Kevin Michael Richardson).

The cast of LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash features some of the top voiceover artists in the industry, led by the aforementioned Taylor, Micucci and Richardson, along with Troy Baker (Batman), Nolan North (Superman, Killer Croc), Grey Griffin (Wonder Woman, Lois Lane), Dwight Schultz (Reverse-Flash), Eric Bauza (The Atom, B'dg, Jimmy Olsen), Tom Kenny (Plastic Man, The Penguin), Phil LaMarr (Firestorm), Khary Payton (Cyborg), Vanessa Marshall (Poison Ivy), Dee Bradley Baker (Captain Boomerang, Aquaman), Jason Spisak (The Joker) and Audrey Wasilewski (Mayor).

LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash is currently available on digital, and will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 13th.