'Lucifer' to Appear at Comic-Con

After being canceled by FOX, Lucifer fans got the good news that Netflix is picking up the series [...]

After being canceled by FOX, Lucifer fans got the good news that Netflix is picking up the series for a fourth season on the streaming giant. Now, there's even more to celebrate as Lucifer is coming to Sand Diego Comic-Con, too.

Series executive producer and showrunner Ildy Modrovich told fans on Twitter this weekend that there are plans for the show to have a presence at San Diego Comic-Con next month, though she was light on details. It seems that they aren't yet certain what the appearance will entail, but Lucifer's salvation was something they absolutely had to celebrate.

"That's the plan!!! Don't know in what capacity yet exactly -- But we'll definitely be there. You kidding me? We HAVE to celebrate with y'all! AmIright??? #SavedLucifer" Modrovich wrote.

Given how passionate fans were about saving Lucifer, Modrovich isn't wrong about the need to celebrate. The series, which is a major international hit, found itself constantly on the bubble at FOX due to middling U.S. ratings. When it was cancelled in May, however, fans came out in force for the show with petitions and online campaigns designed to keep attention on the series and demonstrate for a potential savior for the show just how devoted the fanbase really is.

Efforts continued from fans and showrunners for the series alike to find Lucifer a new home, though as last Friday's "drop dead" date approached, things began to look like tense. However, right before time was up for the series, it was announced that Netflix was picking up the series. With Season 3 having ended on a major cliffhanger -- Lucifer revealing his true face to Chloe, the human police officer with whom he worked -- fans will now get to see what's next for the series.

"I think that's the best episode of television I've ever made, just full stop," Henderson recently told ComicBook.com. "I love it. I got to write a mixture of a play and an action movie. I thought the entire cast just brought it. The only regret I have about the episode is that DB and Tricia aren't in it. But they did such incredible work they did in the previous episode that Ildy wrote – it was satisfying. And I guess, them not being in the finale also gave us room to dig deeper with our other characters: Ella and her fate, Dan and his breaking point, and of course Lucifer and Chloe."

If you want some insight into the series, Henderson and Modrovich recently sat down for a lengthy interview with ComicBook.com in which they provided insight into every episode of the series. You can read it here, before celebrating with Lucifer at San Diego Comic-Con.

Lucifer's third (and no longer final!) season which includes a pair of "bonus episodes" originally slated to be part of season four, will be in stores this August. You can also catch Lucifer streaming now on iTunes and Hulu.

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