Lynda Carter To Appear When United Nations Declares Wonder Woman Day

When someone mentions Wonder Woman, there are those who will associate the character with the iconic 1970's version played by the stunning Lynda Carter. It's only right then that Carter be on hand for the official start of Wonder Woman Day.

The actress will be in New York City for the special ceremony which will see the United Nations declare October 21 officially Wonder Woman Day. The date marks the character's 75th anniversary, and Carter recently spoke to Closer Weekly about why the character has continued to experience such immense popularity.

"Wonder Woman taught women to be who you are," Lynda tells Closer. "I have received the greatest letters from people telling me what an inspiration she was to them because she represents an inner strength every woman has."

It's hard to envision a scenario where Wonder Woman never made it to television, but it took some time before the weight of the network got behind the show.

"TV executives didn't think there was a market for a female holding a show like Wonder Woman," Lynda marvels. "Women were buying all their products, yet men dominated the shows."


While the character has continued to be a presence on TV and in the comics, Wonder Woman will finally conquer the big screen next year in the Patty Jenkins directed solo feature, which stars Gal Gadot as the iconic amazon. She's already appeared in in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and is hailed by many as the film's saving grace.

As for Carter, she is just honored to be a part of the event, adding "To honor Wonder Woman and women all over the world is just amazing."