Lynda Carter Used Hillary Clinton To Prepare For President Role On Supergirl

When Supergirl returns next month, viewers will see Lynda Carter trade in Wonder Woman’s [...]

When Supergirl returns next month, viewers will see Lynda Carter trade in Wonder Woman's invisible jet for the Oval Office. The actress will be playing the President of the United States on the series' second season, and Carter has revealed her take on the role has been inspired by this year's presidential election - and you can probably guess which candidate she's looking towards.

During an interview with Variety, Carter confessed she was very impressed with how Hillary Clinton handled herself at the recent presidential debate. "I thought she was brilliant," she said. "To me, the choice is clear."

The actress went on to say that she saw Hillary as a model for her presidential role on Supergirl. "I used Hillary to prepare," she explained. "I saw the way she can be warm and funny and inviting and serious."

The actress even went as far as to liken the Democratic nominee to Wonder Woman. "Hillary is much more human than Wonder Woman," Carter described. "She has flaws, but we are all flawed and we learn from our mistakes. I think she is a role model in the way she has paved the way for women."

Carter's character will do more than simply borrow from Hillary when Supergirl returns for its second season. The CW series will also tackle political issues which are hot-bed topics in the real world like immigration.

Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer on Supergirl, told Entertainment Weekly that Carter would be fighting for immigrants on-screen through the Alien Amnesty Act."She very much believes in this cause, which is going to put her in danger, which is going to necessitate Supergirl protecting her," he explained.

Of course, fans learned Carter would be starring in Supergirl earlier this year. During its first season, the series apparently had the perfect role for the actress to take on, but executive producer Greg Berlanti said Carter's schedule didn't fit with the show. So, for many viewers, it wasn't too surprising to hear the actress had signed onto Supergirl for its second season. And, lessthan a month ago, fans got their first look at Carter as Supergirl's POTUS.

Known for her work as Wonder Woman in the 1970s live-action television series, Carter has embodied the DC Comics heroine for over twenty years. The actress isn't the only DC alum who appears on Supergirl as Dean Cain (The Adventures of Lois and Clark), Helen Slater (Supergirl, 1984), and Laura Vandervoort (Smallville) have all starred on the show.

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For now, fans will have to wait and see how Carter will get on as the President of the United States when Supergirl returns. However, the actress did have some words about the real-world implications of today's presidential campaigns - and Carter wasn't afraid to say her share.

The first thing you hear when you travel is people asking you, 'Has America lost its mind?'" Carter said, referencing the country's political chaos. "I understand that people want change, but change just for change sake isn't a good thing. You don't hire the snake oil salesman to run your company. You don't hand over your keys to someone who doesn't know what they're doing."

Supergirl returns for its second season on October 10, 2016 at 8/7c on The CW.

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