Margot Robbie Loses It During Actress Roundtable SNL Sketch

Over the past four-decades, Saturday Night Live has had plenty of moments in which cast members and the celebrity hosts have broken character, smiling and laughing in the middle of a sketch. Heck, it happens so often that Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg paid tribute to those live flubs with a new song (and music video), entitled "That's When You Break," which debuted during the 40th anniversary special.

On the Season 42 premiere, which aired this past weekend, Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie got the case of the giggles during the "Actress Round Table." In it, Margot Robbie played Keira Knightley, Cecily Strong played Marion Cotillard, Sasheer Zamata played Lupita Nyong'o, and Kate McKinnon played aging fictional Hollywood icon Debette Goldry.

When the moderator (played by Aidy Bryant) asked the women what challenges they have faced in their film careers, all of them give mildly-humorous or stale responses, except for McKinnon's Goldry. Hers is hilariously bonkers.

"Everyone gives you drugs to wake you up, drugs to go to sleep," the Ghostbusters star begins. "Well, you know, back at MGM, they'd give me opioid injections between my toes, to keep me quiet in-between takes. Then they'd have a little man run over to give a shot of amphetamines to say my lines. Stop hitting me with that shovel, Clark Gable! Then more opium. You girls know how it is."

Once she finished her line, the camera turned to Robbie for her to deliver her next line, but before she can get the line ("No, we don't.") out of her mouth, she's cracking up.


Check it out in the video above.