Margot Robbie Will Do Whatever She Can To Keep Playing Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Empire
(Photo: Empire Magazine)

Actress Margot Robbie's role of Harley Quinn is among the most anticipated aspects of Warner Bros. Suicide Squad, and Robbie is hoping it is the first of many turns as the infamous character.

At CinemaCon, she spoke to Fandango's Erik Davis, and said: "Yeah, I'm so not done playing her yet."

When asked if they had locked her up for multiple films, she didn't speak to the contract per say, but she did insist that she will do what she can to keep playing the role.

"I will do whatever I can to keep playing Harley for another couple of years. Until my body gives out and I can't do it anymore "


From the footage we've seen, Robbie seems to really grasp what makes Harley tick. Hopefully, she'll be involved in Warner Bros. growing DC Cinematic Universe for a good long while.