Mark Hamill Reads Donald Trump's Meryl Streep Tweet as The Joker

Last Saturday, Mark Hamill captivated the internet by mocking the president-elect in a hilarious and entertaining way that only he could do. The Star Wars icon recorded an audio clip in which he read Donald Trump's New Year's Eve tweet as The Joker, giving the ill-mannered message a villainous flare.

Based on the amount of attention it received, Hamill had expected (and looked forward to) an insult-laden retort from Trump; however, on the following day, Meryl Streep stole his thunder when she used her allotted time at the Golden Globes to bash Trump. By the next day, an upset Trump solely focused his trademark insults on Streep, calling the three-time Oscar-winner "overrated."

In order to earn Trump's ire and satiate the growing demand from fans for more, Hamill promised on Monday that he would record a new Trumpster clip and release it on Saturday. Here it is! Listen to it in the audio player below.

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