Gun-Wielding Batman and Terrifying Doomsday Action Figures Revealed by Todd McFarlane

A brand new wave of DC Comics figures are in the pipeline from McFarlane Toys, and the mastermind [...]

A brand new wave of DC Comics figures are in the pipeline from McFarlane Toys, and the mastermind Todd McFarlane is working on some intense new designs for the Dark Knight as well as Superman's fiercest foe. Fans have made many requests for future releases, and now fans know two particular releases that will be coming to stores in the near future — and they look amazing. McFarlane himself revealed previews of the upcoming DC Multiverse action figures on his social media channels, including terrifying version of Doomsday as well as the Grim Knight Batman from the Dark Nights: Metal storyline. Take a look below!

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The Grim Knight (unofficially dubbed by fans as "the Batman with guns") has played an interesting role in the Metal universe, becoming an ally of the evil The Batman Who Laughs. He even got his own one-shot in 2019, written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV.

"It really is freeing, so I do feel like I'm getting to territories that feels unchartered and brand new for me," Snyder previously told "It embraces a kind of nightmare-ish, cosmic element that is expansive where as where I began on "Black Mirror" with Jock I was just getting my feet under me and I had a story that was really personal."

"I wanted to tell but it was intensely grounded, like intensely Gotham -- gritty street corners and shadows," the creator elaborated. "Now, I've been all over the DCU and done things that have been taking me to the Source Wall and beyond, and coming back I almost feel like a older, wiser writer and in some way this is a spiritual successor to that book. It has the same characters, it has a lot of connections to it, but it's a more terrifyingly expansive investigation of some of the same ideas."

These two new DC toys are just some of the latest that McFarlane will be releasing, with the company also recently debuting figures for Wonder Woman 1984, Batman: White Knight, and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

"We're going to do movies. We're going to do TV. We're gonna do comic book versions. We're gonna do animated versions," McFarlane previously said of his collaboration with DC. "We'll do the core toy line and then maybe even some video game stuff. So that gives us a wide range so that in any character you can think of, whether it's Flash, I can do a version of each one of those. I can do TV, I can do movie, I can do comic book. I can do regular toy line Flash, animated Flash, video game Flash, so if you like Flash we'll be able to do a big wide range of it."

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