New DC CW Crossover Details on Supergirl's Involvement Announced

At the news-filled TCA 2016 panel for The CW's DC TV lineup, including Supergirl, The Flash, [...]


At the news-filled TCA 2016 panel for The CW's DC TV lineup, including Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, producers for all the shows gathered on stage to talk about this season of the each. Of course, with everyone there, that also meant it was time to talk - just a little - about the four-episode crossover story, which will go across all four shows; or at least it will sort of go across all four shows.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Arrow EP Wendy Mericle confirmed to "that it will go in order for the week, you know, Supergirl [Monday], Flash [Tuesday], Arrow [Wednesday], Legends [Thursday]."

At the TCA panel, however, they revealed that it won't be so much a four-part story as it will be a three-part story with a prologue. Execs used words like "a piece of the story" and "touched on" when talking about how the crossover would start in Supergirl. It will then "start in earnest" in The Flash on Tuesday, and run as a cohesive story from there to Arrow and on to Legends of Tomorrow.

It sounds like, somehow, we might see more of a "call to action" moment in Supergirl, something to bring her into the other world (assuming at that point of the season she's still on her own, disparate Earth) in the final act of that show. Then she'll be there and we'll see the big adventure on the other three, which makes a certain amount of sense.

The crossover will happen across the four shows in four consecutive nights, and producers are currently expecting that to happen with episode eight of each show. In addition, there will be a two-episode musical crossover on Supergirl and The Flash that's currently expected for episode thirteen of each of those.

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