Peacemaker Punches Out a DC Hero in Suicide Squad

DC Comics latest iteration of the Suicide Squad has abandoned any of the previously guaranteed notions of the team's membership in favor of some new and exciting characters. The first issue revealed that not only was traditional field leader Rick Flag out entirely, but that characters like Peacemaker and Superboy would be part of the group. This week saw the release of Suicide Squad #2 and with it the ideals of leadership came to blows (as expected. Though Amanda Waller previously implied that Superboy would become the leader of the group, Peacemaker perhaps had a different idea about who should call the shots.

Picking up where last week's issue left off, the team was stranded inside Arkham Asylum (trying to extract Talon assassin William Cobb for Waller) as a deadly new Joker gas began to fill up. Superboy arrives on the scene with other new members Mindward, Culebra, Nocturna, and Exit to rescue Peacemaker, Cobb, and the others, but becomes sidetracked with his heroism and turns to helping the people inside Arkham to escape. Peacemaker reminds him that this isn't their mission, which gets their hatred between each other really going.

In the end Waller has enough of Superboy trying to be a hero again and triggers one of the mechanisms implanted in him as a control unit, which seemingly sends Kryptonite into his body. They all return to Belle Reve however and Waller has him injected with a serum that will save him from the Kryptonite, all while Peacemaker reveals he was the reason things went haywire on the mission. They get into some verbal fisticuffs, which become literal fisticuffs as Superboy is still weakened.

(Photo: DC COMICS)

Things definitely won't be going smoothly from here, especially since the next target of the Suicide Squad is Bolt from the Teen Titans Academy. Superboy's past with the Titans will no doubt come into play in some way on this mission and it seems likely that Peacemaker will try to push his buttons once again.

Check out the cover art and solicitation for the next issue of the series.

(Photo: DC COMICS)

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Task Force X finds a new target, and it leads the clandestine team right to Teen Titans Academy. The devious and driven Amanda Waller continues her quest to form a more powerful Squad, and next on her list: the Titans' new speedster, Bolt. But when the mysterious Red X gets in the way, he becomes Waller's next target.