DC's Suicide Squad Has a Shocking New Leader

Full spoilers ahead! This week saw DC Comics release the first issue of their new Suicide Squad comic series, picking up from the ending of the Future State mini-series which sees a new roster of characters appearing on Task Force X. Not only is the new Suicide Squad formed of characters like Peacemaker, Boly, Film Freak, and Shrike in this issue, but traditional field leader Rick Flag is out of the equation. That's not to imply that Flag doesn't appear in the issue, because he definitely does, but Amanda Waller quickly lets him know that he's been demoted and she has her eye set on another new leader for the team, Superboy.

As the comic begins, Flag confronts Waller about her new plans for the Suicide Squad (with a potential conclusion to those plans previously seen in Future State) including Task Force Z, a combative answer to the Justice League. Waller makes it clear that he has no say in what these plans are or how they're implemented, but especially that she's "tired of losing." Flag laments that these new plans aren't "missions to end things," like the Suicide Squad has done before, and instead "missions to to win." While observing the team on their mission Flag tries to order Peacemaker around, resulting in Waller giving Flag a shock and locking him away in a cell.

Clamped to the wall, Waller tells Flag "You're just like everyone else on Task Force X. Replaceable. I have someone else who can lead this team." After this she enters a new cell where Superboy is bound in Kryptonite chains. It's implied that Waller is referring to Connor Kent, who notes that he's committed no crime and shouldn't be imprisoned. Waller retorts "Your very existence is a crime."

Based on what we know Waller no doubt wants Conner on the team specifically because of his power-set, that rivals Superman; but also because he has a reputation for hopping in and out of multiverses so his absence from teams that he's a part of won't really be a big deal to other heroes. As we saw in Future State, Amanda Waller on Earth-3 got a lot of use out of Superboy on her team, and based on the solicitations for the next few issues it seems like the character really will become a staple of the team.


You can find the full cover and solicitation for the next issue below!

(Photo: DC COMICS)

Art by: Eduardo Pansica
Written by: Robbie Thompson
With the power of Superboy now under her control, Task Force X mastermind Amanda Waller sends the hero into Arkham Asylum to rescue Peacemaker and bring Talon—the famed Court of Owls assassin—back to join the new Suicide Squad. With lives hanging in the balance, the teen clone must decide if he’s going to assist Waller, even if it means getting his hands a little bloody along the way.