'Justice League' Director Zack Snyder Thanks Supporters of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

Believe it not, people are still talking about — and actively campaigning for — the release of [...]

Believe it not, people are still talking about — and actively campaigning for — the release of the "Snyder Cut," a mythical cut of Justice League using the footage director Zack Snyder shot before he left the project because of a family emergency.

The director himself took to social media this to essentially thank fans for continuing their support for his version of the movie. Posting to Vero — which can be seen in the screen shot below — Snyder commented "That is caring" on a photo he shared of an airplane flying with a banner that reads "#ReleaseTheSnyderCut" in tow.

(Photo: Zack Snyder/Vero)

Though there's still some contention whether or not the Snyder Cut actually exists, former Justice League storyboard Jay Oliva has been adamant that the mythical version of the movie does exist.

"No I'm just posting this to show my support to all of you, the fans who used social media to create a movement to see the original cut that Zack intended for us all to see," Oliva wrote.

"Other than incomplete vfx and maybe some reshoots for hook ups everything was shot that was storyboarded. Zack isn't the kind of director who creates the film in the edit bay. It's all planned out meticulously from beginning to end. That's how MoS and BvS was done."

In fact, Oliva's been a big proponent of releasing the Snyder Cut nearly since the second Snyder left Justice League. He double-downed on the though, saying that Snyder's method allowed for a full cut of the movie to be made before he exited.

"I think they are responding to people saying that the Snydercut (prior to Whedon's involvement) does not exist and is not a cohesive story because Zack left," Oliva said. "It may not be 100% polished but all of the planned scenes were shot and edited into a full timeline."

After Snyder left Justice League due to the death of his daughter, Avengers alum Joss Whedon took over the reigns to finish whatever filming was left and reshoots. The movie ended up debuting to less-than-stellar reviews and petered out at the box office, grossing less than $230 million domestically, the least of all five movies set in the DC Extended Universe.

Justice League is on home video now.