Shazam! Director Gets Revenge on Telemarketer

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg knows a thing or two about beating a villain with some fun. When Sandberg's phone wouldn't stop ringing because telemarketers refused to leave him alone, he decided to have a little fun at the caller's expense rather than get frustrated with it.

Sandberg recorded himself getting a few phone calls from telemarketers after asking to be removed from their calling lists. Of course, the telemarketers did not listen to his request and their relentless calls kept coming. This is when he decided to slap a little boy voice on and mess with the caller before, in the next video, he went ahead and did an impression of an old man unable to hear the call.

Check out the first couple of videos of Sandberg have fun at the telemarketer's expense from his Instagram post below!

Unfortunately for Sandberg, the different (albeit hilarious) characters he portrayed for the caller were not enough to discourage more efforts to sell him some hearing aids.

This is when Sandberg decided to embrace the role of Becky which the callers were looking for. Despite the nonstop efforts, he kept answering, and kept playing with the callers who just won't leave him alone. Watch out for Becky.

Check out the next video from the same morning for Sandberg below.

Let's hope these callers leave Sandberg alone long enough for him to get to work on the Shazam! sequel.


A Shazam! sequel does not yet have a release date. As revealed in the video above, Sandberg will return to direct the next installment from Warner Bros. and DC Comics.