New 'Shazam!' Poster Revealed at CCXP

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are gearing up to release Aquaman in theaters in a few weeks, but [...]

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are gearing up to release Aquaman in theaters in a few weeks, but there's another big superhero movie on the docket that's set to hit in a few months with Shazam!

The studio is promoting Shazam! at CCXP in Brazil, taking place this weekend, with a big showing on the convention floor. They're also hyping up the release with a brand new comic-style poster. Check it out below:

Warner Bros. presence at CCXP could bode well for fans hoping to see more about Shazam!, as it could mean a new trailer is imminent and could play before Aquaman screenings at movie theaters.

Actor Zachary Levi is playing the magically-gifted superhero, who transforms from a child (played by Asher Angel) whenever he says the magic word "shazam." Levi previously spoke about getting the role, revealing that he didn't think he would get chosen so he sent an audition for a different part.

"I put myself on tape for this other role and the director, producers, and the studio saw it," Levi said at Baltimore Comic-Con. "And they hadn't cast their Shazam yet and they said 'We think that could be our Shazam.'"

Levi revealed that he sees a parallel in his own journey with that of Billy Batson's, who finds the wherewithal in himself to become a superhero.

"I feel like in the same way the Wizard sees in Billy Batson the character that is necessary to be Captain Marvel, Shazam," Levi said. "I feel like New Line and my director and producers saw in me the character necessary to be this character."

Levi and the film's director David F. Sandberg have spoken at length about how Shazam! would be influenced by movies like Superman: The Movie, as well as the Tom Hanks '80s classic Big.

"With every project, you have to be true to that project, and I think what was really fortunate for us with Shazam! was it was really built into the story," Levi said at New York Comic Con. "You can't make a movie about a 14-year-old that has the magic power to turn into a superhero, and make that too dower and glum. There's a lot of fun and levity just built into it. So we didn't really have to try. It just naturally came across."

Shazam! premieres in theaters on April 5th, 2019.