Tom Welling Wanted Bruce Wayne on Smallville

Smallville pathed the way for what the Arrowverse has become, and it made ambitious choices for [...]

Smallville pathed the way for what the Arrowverse has become, and it made ambitious choices for its time. Even today, fans go back to the show and leave surprised by its character choices, but there were things even Smallville could not handle. After all, the Superman retelling never managed to welcome Batman into its fold, and that is something star Tom Welling says he will always regret.

Recently, the star of Smallville appeared at Fan Expo Canada, and it was there he spoke with fans about his days as Clark Kent. At one point, Welling was asked what he wished the show had done a version of, and he was quick to say Bruce Wayne topped that list.

"I can tell you what I wish we would have seen, was some version of a Bruce Wayne that fit in with what we were doing. I think that would have been cool," the actor said.

Of course, it is easy to understand Welling's interest in the character. Bruce is an icon in the DC Universe thanks to his work in Gotham. Batman is often heralded as the brand's most recognizable hero next to Superman, so it would make sense for them to meet. But in the end, Smallville came to a close without ever introducing Bruce to Clark.

Still, that does not mean Welling is done with the DC Universe or Batman. Fans began rallying around the Arrowverse to give Welling a Superman cameo in a future crossover, and the actor has individually shown interest in suiting up again... as Batman for a change.

"Yeah, I do like Batman and I think there is some room to grow there," Welling told co-star Michael Rosenbaum during a recent chat on Inside of You.

For now, there's no word such a gig is on the horizon for Welling, but fans are keeping their fingers crossed. With the Arrowverse set to debut its Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover this year, anything is possible for the DC TV Universe and the most far-flung of Smallville cameos.

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