[SPOILER] Permanent Fixture of The Flash After 'Dead or Alive'

This article contains spoilers regarding tonight’s episode of The Flash titled ‘Dead or [...]

This article contains spoilers regarding tonight's episode of The Flash titled 'Dead or Alive.'

On tonight's episode of The Flash, we were introduced to Gypsy, a inter-dimensional traveler who originally comes from Earth-19. Coincidentally enough, the current iteration of Harrison Wells also hails from Earth-19 and by the end of tonight's episode, the connections were made clear.

Gypsy came to Earth-1 in pursuit of Wells because, as it turns out, the latter is a fugitive on Earth-19. A previous disaster caused the powers that be on Earth-19 to make it illegal to travel between dimensions. And the biggest part of the law? Those who broke it were to be punished by death.

Needless to say, Gypsy serves as a collector from Earth-19, the Arrowverse's equivalency of a bounty hunter, and she is sent to Earth-1 to bring Wells back to their earth so that he can face his sentence.

After Cisco decides to fight in Wells' place in a trial by combat, a fight in which he wins, Gypsy informs Team Flash that while she won't be harming Wells, she'll be telling those she reports to on Earth-19 she killed him, effectively meaning he's unable to return to Earth-19 for the remaining time he's alive, however long that may be.

This seems to show that we'll be staying with the current version of Wells for some time to come, after seeing two previous iterations in the two previous seasons.

What do you think Flash fans? Is the Earth-19 Wells your favorite or would you prefer one of the previous two?

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